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A few days later it's ok again, but last night I left him because I just cannot understand how a man who professes to love me can behave in such a bizarre fashion. He said he is 'not good enough for me' and that made me angry because it's down to ME to make that kind of decision.

Aries Woman I am seeing a Pisces man at present and he has got me so confused it's mind blowing. When we first met it was amazing..

He said he wanted to find a life long partner and we were just courting, but you know us Aries Anyway he said he couldn't see us together so i called it a day. As us Aries do i moved on quickly but he kept phoning, asking me questions about my feelings for him, what i would sacrafice for him Then he would ask me to spend time with him Love with a Pisces Man by: Mark Ouch, I recognise so much of this. I fell in love with a Pisces three years ago.

I tried to resist him, staying a safe distance, but I just got pulled in by?? Loving, tender, giving, protective yes, consistent sometimes, totally reliable, no. Faced with a crisis, my Pisces man will hide away. He is in one relationship that hurts him with a man who is strong but negative all the time and in another relationship with me, his best mate.

Gently gently is the approach. Husband material, oh yes, but prone to laziness, especially once settled in a relationship. Puts up with far too much crap from others and indeed seems to have a 'need' to please. Can be frustrating at time.

Pisces Men and Commitment

But, after all said and done, my answer is YES. He didnt want me to walk away but if I did not get up and move on I would have lost more of myself and dignity.. I wished him the best and I hope wake up one day.. But he is a pisces so maybe not. OMG,its rily true why pisces is like that?

I would go if I was you by: Anonymous As far as I am concerned the Pisces man that I know is a complete waste of my time and effort. I am an Aries and I am very loyal, loving to the right person. He says things but doesn't follow through, he thinks he's a player but won't admit that he thinks this I say actions speak louder than words. I met him when I was going through a bad patch wid my ex-husband, he was a good listener and we had fun.

I think they LOVE the idea of no commitment. But you cannot do non commitment forever!!! I think they would if they could. I think he has a problem with sex too. It was a waste of my time Not sure what his problem is Not trying to work it out anymore If I was you I would go!!! Life is too short for games. His heart must be at love at someone else You should appreciate pisces kindness, romantic and loyalty not ask for stupid commitment Make Him Share His Feelings by: Different Pisces Guy Just tell him that you want to understand what he's thinking, what makes him so distant.

Tell him that you need him to trust you, tell him pretty much what you posted here, he'll try to fix it for you. It's hard to do something like this for a pisces, but it's harder still to see you sad. I don't know if this is helpful, but it's all I have coming from a similar perspective, only for me I tell people everything, it's not natural though, it's an adaptation, I think the best thing to do is to try to get this guy to adapt.

Capricorn lovin my Pisces Anonymous Well im sorta goin thru that too Think I'm wasting my time by: Anonymous I met a Pisces man 4 weeks ago. At first, he called me and seemed so into me. We met a couple of times, and he met my son and promised to take him out for ice cream then didn't follow through on that, then promised my son he would do it next time, then broke his promise again, two more times, which left my son crushed. My son commented to me that if this guy was going to break his promises like that, he didn't think he would be a very good man to date, and said that he wasn't a very responsible man if he would do that to us.

Pisces Man! Attracting, Dating and what they're like

He also knows that I'm very selective when it comes to who I date. Pisces guy only seems interested in communicating by text, and when we do get together, he bolts after 90 minutes. I had something with a Pisces guy for 19 months on line and phone we talked every day. I love him dearly and I admit that I am quite emotional that I end up hurting his feelings when I tell him my problems with our relationship. I want him to make solid plans because I am slowly getting tired of waiting for uncertainties.

Basically, he is living two lives and does seem to be pained by it. His girlfriend is Gemini and my friend is a Scorpio. He is gentle and sweet like of the comments below, and he has his rough time also. Honestly these pisces men… they are both hot and cold yes and no in and out up and then down.

Pisces Wet Noodle Romance

They come back whenever they feel like it, and off like the wind next minute. The pisces is a combination of all signs in one but also the least understood. We have big goals and dreams and most pisces make the mistake of not chasing those dreams and only thinking they are dreams so just live wandering lives trying to find where we fit in.

The Link Between Pisces Men and Commitment

Hot and cold someone said it is damn right. Although to hurt ones feelings is never our intent, selfish….. Stop accepting them back if they do this to you. In my mind Im wondering why do you have to get on my nerves if you really dont want me to go?

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I dont know if Im wrong but I feel pisces men love attention and have an awkward way of showing love. I value that tho cos for me its interesting we seem like friends. Hi all, I have a different story probably meaningless to many. I am a married women no children yet and have some severe issues with marriage. Then came the day where he said he is having some financial issues and became busy but still kept the communication going.

He is into media and was about to start a project soon which he was hoping for a lot. Then one day he stopped messaging and after 2 days I get a message back saying he is not interested in anything and has lot of personal issues to deal with.

One thing is sure that we had made ourselves clear of what we want in this relationship. But we definitely had some awesome chemistry between us. He also indicated that he is not like other guys and would never behave that way and would just tell frankly on the face.

Love Advice On Dating Pisces Man

Please can someone tell me what to do. I am a cancerian. Me and a pisces man were in deep love for 2 years. We belong to different faiths and he has already told me goodbye twice within these 2 years that his family wont accept me. Now just 1 week before he again said his bye and said this time he will not come back for sure because he thinks his family wont like a girl from another religion and he cant leave his family for me. So this is the third goodbye and I think he is never coming back. I am a mess again like how i was wen he left me the first two times…he had promised me that we will be strong, face all troubles together and get married…I miss him a lot and I love him like always…do you think he will come back this time?

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We had a very deep love and never even had any horrible arguments…even when he was breaking up with me he said he is doing it not because of me but because of his family…. I m virgo and i m in relationship with a Pisces from ten years. Patience is only thing you need to maintain your relationship with this guy.

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  5. If they leave you after every 2 weeks. They will come back by themselves. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. But, my dear querent, why are you waiting for him to end it?

    Cheers and keep smiling. Good Luck in your future endeavours and always keep smiling. They emotional rollercoasters and make others feel like emotional roller coasters too.